If the never ending struggle between the eastern and western worlds can
be described as ‘two opposing pistons’ Then surely Turkey is the
crankshaft on which each piston reciprocates.  Its location is
considered as a possible origin of modern civilization, as the head of
the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are found there.  Mt. Ararat is said to
be the final resting place of Noah’s Ark.   Turkey’s place between
Europe and Asia have made it one of the most heavily contested in
history. Istanbul, was made the capitol of the Roman empire by
Constantine, and as the west declined was capitol of the eastern Roman
empire.  This Byzantine empire stood for over a thousand years, but the
east vs. west struggle again was played out again as the Ottomans
claimed the territory.  This rising piston force reached top dead
center at Vienna, but by then the Ottomans had laid claim to formerly
Spanish parts of north Africa, and Baghdad to the south giving them
access to the Persian Gulf.  After reaching its farthest expansions the
empire entered decline.  With a new route for European trade with Asia
found around the Cape of Good Hope, the Turkish region was no longer
the pivotal center. This marked the Western worlds rise to power again,
and the Eastern retreat into defensive ethnic nationalism

empires were growing, and began to pick away at the Ottoman Empire.
Austria pushed back, annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina  Six years later
the heir to their throne was assassinated in Sarajevo, the capitol of
that territory. Four years and 9 million dead later, WW I was over. 
T.E. Lawrence led the Arab revolts, and the Ottoman’s lost their foot
hold on the Arabian Peninsula thanks to his inside knowledge of their
country.  The British created an Insurgency in the Ottoman Empire.
Lawrence fought using guerrilla tactics under the command of Prince
Fisal of Mecca. The Allies occupied their capitol city.  It is said
that the Ottoman’s killed between 300,000 to 1,000,000 Armenians, in
what is referred to as the ‘Armenian Holocaust’. Post Ottoman Turks
deny these claims.

   What we know today as Turkey was formed
from the remnant of the Ottoman Empire.  Britain and France were to
carve up It’s possessions on the Arabian Peninsula  They secretly drew
up plans, along with Russia before the war was even over.  There was
some important resource they desired out in the desert.  The Turks
waged a war of independence against the Allies, and forced them out. 
What remains of their far reaching empire is now roughly the size of

   Nearly surrounded by Western influences, the
Republic of Turkey entered into WWII on the side of the Allies this
time, and was a charter member of the United Nations.  President Truman
vowed the United States would protect Turkey from the threat of
International Communism  The Republic of Turkey joined NATO,  but has
never achieved long lasting stability, with a military coup every ten
years or so.

   On August 28, 2007, a new president was
elected.  Abdulla Gul, the AK Parti candidate, took office with the
threat of yet another coup lingering. To some, especially the secular
military Gul’s AK Parti founders Islamic roots are reason for concern. 
Turkey’s secular military force has severed the head of the government
every 10 years since the 60’s.  A reaction that is due to occur again
with this new election.  Meanwhile, Gul and his Foreign Minister Ali
Babacan are pushing hard for membership into the European Union. 

Bush called Gul from Reno to congradulate him. Though I am more interested in his Foreign Minister Ali Babacan

(more to come on GUL in the future though)

Ali Babacan, one of Turkey’s youngest politicians, was introduced to
the Turkish political scene by Abdullah Gül. We went to ask his
father’s approval, as if we were seeking his daughter’s hand for
marriage, Gül once said in an interview with a Turkish newspaper,
recounting how they secured Babacan’s entry into politics. As this
anecdote alone elucidates, Babacan happens to be Gül’s protégée.”

Babacan is a multiple Bilderberg attendee, and it seems his life’s goal is to enter Turkey into the EU.

Could they be trying to get protection from the EU against the secular military?

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