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Obama’s “Negro Project” : Planned Parenthood and the Black Genocide

Barack Obama and Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” Anti-abortion marchers hope Obama’s listening – Los Angeles Times Obama, as one of his first acts as president, is expected to repeal the “global gag rule” that prevents federal money from going to international groups that counsel women on abortion and perform the procedure.   UNFPA Exposed: Episode […]

Planned Parenthood – Obama’s bioethics agenda

The founder of what we know as Planned Parenthood once stated: “Black leaders would need to be recruited to act as front men in sterilization programs in black communities” Barack Obama Promises to Sign FOCA the Freedom of Choice Act (Introduced in Senate) He also mentioned a couple of other acts he was promoting. The […]

Eugenics: The Secret Agenda

In short, eugenics is the applied science of Darwinism (social darwinisim).The Malthusian catastrophe where the lower class all die and the well-to-do survive, became the inspiration for eugenics. The modern eugenics movement started in the  United states in the late 1800’s and continues under different names today.  The original eugenics movement eventually was promoted in […]

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