Eugenics: The Secret Agenda

In short, eugenics is the applied science of Darwinism (social darwinisim).The Malthusian catastrophe where the lower class all die and the well-to-do survive, became the inspiration for eugenics. The modern eugenics movement started in the  United states in the late 1800’s and continues under different names today.  The original eugenics movement eventually was promoted in Germany, and Hitler was so inspired by the Americans he created his own genocide based on the laws of eugenics. This would have been the ultimate goal of the eugenicists, but they failed. The eugenics operations in the us changed their names. Today they are called ‘population control, or planned parenthood, or one child policy. and screening for unborn children has begun to determine their genetic standing.  Billions of dollars are being poured into the population control agenda today. The old money of the Rockefeller blending with the new money of Gates, Buffet and others.

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From Darwin we have the evolution of eugenics and Social Darwinism. He was an admirer of the Malthusian model, where the poor and weak would die off in a mass food crises. A sort of survival of the fittest. Thomas Henry (T.H.) Huxley pushed Darwin’s theories into the mainstream. Darwin’s (half) cousin Francis Galton, is considered the “Father of Eugenics”. They believed in his theory so far as to conduct the 4 families experiment, in which they vowed to only breed with each other, in order to create a breed of supermen. Though within 2 generations close to 90% of their offspring either died at birth or were mentally or physically disabled.

Royal families practice inbreeding in the hopes they would retain what ever traits they felt made them superior to the masses.
Darwin-Huxley-Garlton-Wedgewood ‘s scientific inbreeding experiment proves what the rest of us know now about the practice. Notice the family tree in the picture, starts at the top.. and gets smaller on the way down. The *opposite* of what a family tree is supposed to do.

Galton created biometrics in the 1870’s to track racial traits and genetic histories in order to issue a license to breed. Maybe he thought their plan to create a race of super men would be successful, and wanted to corner the market.

In 1904 the Cold Springs Harbor Research Facility [Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor] was founded by Charles Davenport with funding from Carnagie, Rockefeller, and Harriman. By 1907 the first forced sterelization laws were on the books. Then from 1910-1940 it was also the location of the Eugenics Record Office, this was also created by Davenport. He was assisted by Harry H. Laughlin, who later was sent to advise Hitler’s Germans.  The Eugenics office was directly sponsored by Mrs. HarrimanAlexander Graham Bell was the first director.

In Britain social workers were created as spies and enforcers of eugenics. They had the power to decide who would keep their children, who would be sterilized, and who would be killed.
Rockefeller exported eugenics to Germany “To make Race Perfect”, “Would curb defectives hundreds of thousands over several years”. He founded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute with “Hope for a world wide campaign” (of Eugenics)

In 1912 They held the first International Eugenics Conference in London.

In 1916 Margaret Sanger, the lover of HG Wells (who studied biology under top eugenicists), was promoting eugenics. In 1923 she received massive funding from Rockefeller and others.

Mendel Newsletter n.s. 9 (February 2000)

After Sanger returned to America in 1915 after the Comstock charges against her were dropped, she established the first birth-control clinic in
America, in the poor immigrant community of Brownsville, New York. The subsequent publicity surrounding its forced closing enabled her to
jump-start the organized birth-control movement in America, relying heavily on the support of wealthy Manhattan socialites to fund her projects.

Sanger also stated: 

Black leaders would need to be recruited to act as front men in sterilization programs in black communities”

In 1924 Hitler dictated Mein Kampf while in prison.  He called the Eugenics book “The Passing of the Great Race”, an “inspiration”, and wrote the author Madison Grant a fan letter calling the book his bible”. From this he based his plans on the mass extermination of Jews, other races, and the Handicapped.  Also that year the US passed the National Origins Act, which “German racial hygienists should learn from the United States how to restrict the influx of Jews and eastern and southern Europeans.”

In 1927 Eugenics was mainstream in America, 25 states passed forced sterilization laws.

In 1928 some of the very first computers were put to use in the field of eugenics. Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM, was a devout follower of Hitler. He supplied punch card computers and IBM technicians to Nazi’s for the use in death camps. Tattoos on the inmates were IBM Human Identification Numbers.

In 1933 German national eugenics laws were passed based on the US model, by 1936 Germany had become the world leader in eugenics. They sterilized or euthanized over 100,000 people.
Rockefeller sent the leading US eugenicists Davenport, Laughlin, and Goethe to help fine tune Germany’s eugenics. Fine tune it they did, 10’s of millions would later be ‘sterilized or euthanized’. The scientists such as Joseph Mengele were never prosecuted. Others such as Otmar von Verschuer were allowed to remain and continue working. Other scientists came to America, Brazil and other places, during project paperclip.

With the fail of the German eugenics experiment, the mainstream institutions of American eugenics changed their names. The “Eugenics Quarterly” became “Social Biology“, the “American Birth Control League” became “Planned Parenthood”. Julian Huxley would start the “Transhumanist” movement. Julian also said “Since the leaders of Eugenics had founded the Environmental movements they should be used as vehicles for the creation of a world government”. The WWF was founded by Huxley, Bilderberg founder and former NAZI SS officer Prince Bernhard, and Prince Phillip. Julian’s brother Aldous admitted in a speech at Berkley in 1962 his book
“Brave New World” was actually based on the real life work of eugenicists like his brother and grandfather. One of the main points being better servitude through technology.

Aldous Huxley speaks at Cal Berkeley {excerpt of transcript}

That if you can get people to consent to the state of affairs in which they’re living. The state of servitude the state of being, having their differences ironed out, and being made amenable to mass production methods on the social level, if you can do this, then you have, you are likely, to have a much more stable and lasting society. Much more easily controllable society than you would if you were relying wholly on clubs and firing squads and concentration camps. So that my own feeling is that the 1984 picture was tinged of course by the immediate past and present in which Orwell was living, but the past and present of those years does not reflect, I feel, the likely trend of what is going to happen, needless to say we shall never get rid of terrorism, it will always find its way to the surface.

But I think that insofar as dictators become more and more scientific, more and more concerned with the technically perfect, perfectly running society, they will be more and more interested in the kind of techniques which I imagined and described from existing realities in BNW. So that, it seems to me then, that this ultimate revolution is not really very far away, that we, already a number of techniques for bringing about this kind of control are here, and it remains to be seen when and where and by whom they will first be applied in any large scale.

And first let me talk about the, a little bit about the, improvement in the techniques of terrorism. I think there have been improvements. Pavlov after all made some extremely profound observations both on animals and on human beings. And he found among other things that conditioning techniques applied to animals or humans in a state either of psychological or physical stress sank in so to say, very deeply into the mind-body of the creature, and were extremely difficult to get rid of. That they seemed to be embedded more deeply than other forms of conditioning.

In 1972 the Nixon White House came up with an Eugenics policy.

Bush Hitler Family Values — Eugenics of Prescott Bush & George Herbert Walker

In 1972 this sentiment was echoed by Lawrence Rockefeller (CFR, Bil, TC) who was appointed by Nixon to lead a commission into population growth.

Which was directed by the then Ambassador to the United Nations George Bush.

Bush book: Chapter -10-

On August 6, 1969, Bush’s GOP task force introduced a bill to create a Commission on Population and the American Future which, Bush said, would “allow the leadership of this country to properly establish criteria which can be the basis for a national policy on population.” The move came in response to President Nixon’s call of July 18 to create a blue-ribbon commission to draft a U.S. population policy. Bush was triumphant over this development, having repeatedly urged such a step at various points in the preceeding few years. On July 21, he made a statement on the floor of the House to “commend the President” for his action. “We now know,” he intoned, “that the fantastic rate of population growth we have witnessed these past 20 years continues with no letup in sight. If this growth rate is not checked now– in this next decade–we face a danger that is as defenseless as nuclear war.”

Here I will note that his father Prescott Bush worked with the Harrimans and the early Eugenics movement, later facing trial for aiding the Nazi’s themselves. Bush became an adviser to China on their one child policy, along with the UN and Planned Parenthood.

CJO – Abstract – Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One-Child Policy

during 1978–80 the resources of defence science and the self-confidence of the elite scientist enabled him boldly and arbitrarily to modify the work of the Club of Rome and use that Sinified cybernetics of population to redefine the nation’s population problem

Rockefeller visited China in 1973 and calls the country a social experiment. It is known that Mao was handled by the CIA and OSS, who helped him into power.

[cia-drugs] Yale’s ‘Mao Project’ Paves Road To Hell F or Rise of Orienta

What is not known to the general public is the connection that Yale University had to Mao Tse Tung

Today they would seem to be the model for modern global eugenics.

In 1974 another prominent Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger said “depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world”. National Security Memorandum 200 is directly concerned with population control in thrid word countries. It may be an analogue to the earlier British commission on population from 1944. The memo lists 13 countries to be targeted for depopulation. Using the world bank and the IMF to directly pay the governments of these countries to reduce population, or perhaps use food and war as means of reduction.  The United Nations, in the draft of their ‘Global Biodiversity Assessment‘ states there must be a reduction of five billion people.

Aggressive sterilization continued in the US until the 1980’s

Secret testing of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents is still being conducted today.

In 2004-2005 Reports surfaced about American children, and prison inmates being used as guinea pigs for pesticide, AIDS vaccines, and other agents. Secret testing goes on all the time.

The goal of all of this science and technology, is not to benefit humanity as a whole. Rather it is the intention to create a physical genetic gap between the elites and the lower classes. To split the races. Another prominent Eugenicist Bertrand Russell talks about how by putting murcury and brain damaging compounds in vaccines, they can induce partial and chemical lobotomies, which would chemically make revolution impossible.

Close to 30% of the US population is already on mind altering prescription medication. 50% of foster kids are on a variety of medications, as Joe Burkett explained because they are “very sick from a bad gene pool. So here we are full circle exactly one hundred years later, with institutionalized genetic cleansing. Only now with better technology we are facing pre-crime.  Now it is being carried out in the womb, unborn babies are being targeted in a crackdown on criminality. New child checks to identify future criminals.

The eugenics movement is still alive and well, and has plenty of funding.  Bill and Melinda Gates have donated billions to population control, maybe that’s why she gets invited to the Bilderberg meetings.  Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner also top the list of “Billionaires for De-Population”

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 75% decline from present levels would be ideal”

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Bush Hitler Family Values — Eugenics of Prescott Bush & George Herbert Walker

In 1972 this sentiment was echoed by Lawrence Rockefeller (CFR, Bil, TC) who was appointed by Nixon to lead a commission into population growth.

Richard Nixon: Special Message to the Congress on Problems of Population Growth.

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[cia-drugs] Yale’s ‘Mao Project’ Paves Road To Hell F or Rise of Orienta

What is not known to the general public is the connection that Yale University had to Mao Tse Tung

Secret US Human Biological Experimentation

Mass Psychology and Education: The Impact of Science on Society Part 4: Knowledge Driven Revolution

In future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

Gates backs population control

Bill Gates, whose combined wealth is said to exceed $100 billion, has joined the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and the Hewlett Foundation in becoming major international supporters of population control efforts.

lifeissues | The Billionaire Boys Club

War Against the Weak

American corporate philanthropies launched a national campaign of
ethnic cleansing in the United States, helped found and fund the Nazi
eugenics of Hitler and Mengele — and then created the modern movement
of “human genetics.”

The majority of the information on eugenics comes from Endgame. I make no claims to this research. I have linked sources, and provided minimal original research. Provided above are links to most of the information provided in the documentary. The eugenics segment is available on youtube.

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