Big Bad Barak Obama’s Banking & Bilderberg Backers

More Bilderberg Endorsements for Obama

I’ve spent the last year or so following news stories about specific Bilderberg members. It would easy to just assume they are either on one hand eccentrics, or the other global conspirators. Rather than simply pick a side, I decided to dig deeper. Without digression, I will quickly note that from the cross-section I researched there was an over all trend towards taking the military and financial power of countries and transferring it to global corporations and super national governments. Additionally municipal services such as basic water are being sold to a small few multi-national groups. These people are hand delivering their respective countries into the hands of corporations which themselves are controlled by other Bilderberg members. Obviously don’t take my word for it. There are member lists available on the web for many of the annual meetings. Note Wikipedia does have a members list page, but it changes from time to time as some people do not seem to want various associations be well known. It’s actually pretty hopeless to rely on wikipedia for any thing.

Now on to Obama. The first Bilderberg connection I was made aware of was James A. Johnson, he was some sort of campaign advisor reportedly in charge of picking the running mate. Shortly after the connection was made widely known, he was investigated and fired.

If you look a little closer at Johnson, it gets interesting.

Jim Johnson, Former Fannie Mae CEO, To Begin VP Search for Obama

Former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson has been asked by Senator Barack Obama on Thursday to start the search for a viable Vice Presidential candidate.
Johnson and Obama are starting the top-secret search as Obama edges closer to the Democratic nomination. Johnson did the same job for Democratic nominees John Kerry in 2004 and Walter Mondale in 1984.
Johnson created the Fannie Mae Foundation where he served with distinction as its chairman and CEO from 1991 to 1998. In 1999, he became CEO of Fannie Mae.
As of 2006, Johnson is a vice chairman of the private banking firm Perseus LLC, a position he has held since 2001. He is also a member of the American Friends of Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

Goldman Sachs Website:Board of Directors

Johnson has resigned as Obama’s VP selection advisor:

“Donald Graham’s Washington Post dips into the old psywarfare inkwell to condition readers into accepting that naive politicians eventually stumble in Washington and inevitably must employ the “help” of power brokers (their term), notably Jordan and Johnson, to succeed. The B word is mentioned and an anecdote about how Jordan snagged new Bilderberg member do-no-evil Eric Schmidt at BB2007 for a Washington speaking engagement is touted as a triumph.”


I was going to jump to Biden until I came across that last story, which as a side note mentions Eric Schmidt. Curious he was tapped early on in the game, and just recently announced his Support for Obama. Oh, and by the way, In case you were wondering, Google IS evil.

CIA enlists Google’s help for spy work – Times Online

CIA enlists Google’s help for spy work
US intelligence agencies are using Google’s technology to help its agents share information about their suspects

I think it is important to note that Joe Biden is a CFR member, the next step down on the American ladder from the Bilderberg group.

Recently Colin Powell gave his endorsement to the candidate. Now personally, I had forgotten what made Powell so remarkable. It is common for secretaries of state, and national security advisors to attend the Bilderberg meetings. Focusing on recent history, If you live in a country that has coalition forces fighting against the “War on Terror”, you have Powell to thank. He is responsible for selling the war. We could safely call him ‘The salesman of Terror”.


“The trucks were in fact what the Iraqi’s claimed them to be for, the production of hydrogen to fill balloons to determine target adjustments for long range artillery targets. The original technology had been in fact sold to Saddam by a British company, Marconi Command & Control which sold the Iraqi army the Artillery Meteorological System, in 1987. “

“..there were no pictures of the mobile labs [but the CIA] said: ‘This is it, Mr. Secretary. You can’t doubt this one,'” Powell was later asked to resign and did, announcing his resignation as Secretary of State on Monday, November 15, 2004”

Everyone take note; next time the CIA tells you ‘It’s OK you can trust us” – DON’T

Back to the Bilderberg endorsements, there was one that was so obvious it slipped my mind until just now. Hillary Clinton. Theres another real winner that needs no introduction Jokes on her as she still ends up as a historical afterthought. (Guess we’ll see what happens on the next season of the election show)

Now here’s the real kicker. Zbigniew Brzezinski He’s one bad ass mutha….. well you know. Most people can not pronounce his name. I admit it gave me some trouble when I first learned of him a year or so ago.

Brzezinski Backs Obama

Confirmed – Obama Is
Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet


“Any lingering doubts about Obama’s status as an abject puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission ended this morning when the withered mummy of imperialism himself appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe* to campaign for Obama, urged on by his own moronic daughter, Mika Brzezinski, an Obama groupie and sycophant.
Zbigniew, a low-level Polish aristocrat whose life has been devoted to hatred for Russia, lauded Obama for his 2002 speech opposing the Iraq war, saying that he himself was the source of Obama’s arguments back then – thus confirming Obama’s long-term status as his puppet, which probably began in 1981-1983, when Obama was a student at Columbia University, and Zbig was directing the anti-Russian institute. “

“Zbig is an infamous Cold War hawk who has managed to re-invent himself in the eyes of some dupes by opposing the Iraq adventure, mainly because it is bad for imperialism.”

Oh shit we’re screwed. Lemme post that link again HTTP://

I’m not going to bother with pasting the whole article, If you can’t read I can tell you the highlights (if you can call them high or light). Obama wins the election, pulls resources out of the middle east, everyone is happy. Some event or another will occur and send us into a confirmed second cold war. The old game of spooks and defectors, nukes and detectors begins again. Brzezinski is behind the missile shield thats pissing off Russia, the succession of Kosovo. He’s looking at the big pictures; China and Russia.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to vote for McCain. You all can vote for the sake of voting. IMHO it will be symbolic. McCain seems doomed to failure, and maybe when Obama is elected the world won’t hate America so much. Maybe Americans will feel a little better about themselves. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Obama is the messiah everyone makes him out to be. Wouldn’t that be nice.

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